Radiant Pharma

The Company was incorporated in Pakistan under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 as a private limited Company on January 10, 2011 in the name of ‘APOTEX PHARMA (PVT) LIMITED’. Its name has got been changed as RADIANT PHARMA PVT LIMITED’ on April 18, 2012. The RADIANT PHARMA is committed to produce Quality products by the strict compliance of the rules of cGMP, by application of WHO/FDA/ICH and DRAP regulations in all aspects of manufacturing of Pharma products.

RADIANT PHARMA (PVT.) LIMITED has the capacity to produce following types of dosage forms while the process involved in the production of the dosage forms are as under:
Tablets General Antibiotic Capsules General Antibiotic Dry Powder Suspension Dry Powder Sachet Syrup Injectable Vials Dry Powder Vial
Mixing Formulation Formulation Formulation Formulation (General)
Granulation Mixing Mixing Mixing Mixing Vial Washing
Compression Encapsulation Filling Filling Milling Sterilization
Coating Blistering Packing Packing Filtration Filling
Blistering Packing Filling Sealing
Packing Packing Packing
Future Extension
Injectable Ampoules
Liquid Vials Liquid Ampoules
(General) (Antibiotics) (General) (Antibiotics)
------ ------ Formulation Formulation
------ ------ Mixing Mixing
------ ------ Sterilization Sterilization
------ ------ Filling Filling
------ ------ Sealing Sealing
------ ------ Packing Packing

License to Manufacture

The firm Radiant Pharma (Pvt.) Limited is approved by national M.O.H having License No. 000776.

Description of the Site

Location & Surroundings:

Radiant Pharma (Pvt.) Limited. is a National Pharmaceutical Company situated in an environment favorable for manufacturing process and minimum risk of causing any contamination of material or product, the location of the Plant complies with the GMP requirements.


The total area is 67480 Sq. feet and the covered area is 35700 Sq. feet

Building Layout, Design & construction:

The building layout and designing of the production area of the Plant is in accordance with the GMP requirements.
The construction of the floor, wall and ceilings of all the production related areas fulfill the GMP requirements and the piping, light fittings and ventilation points are designed accordingly.

Storage Areas:

The storage area in the Plant is segregated into different categories and identified accordingly e.g. Quarantine Area, Sampling Area, Released Material Area, Rejected Material Area and Dispensing Area.

Production Area:

The production areas are effectively ventilated with HVAC system; the environmental Conditions of these areas are monitored on daily basis to ensure the compliance of the GMP requirements.

Ancillary Areas:

All the ancillary areas like Workshop, Changing Rooms, & Wash Rooms/ Toilets are separated from the production area and fulfill the GMP requirements